About Saffron Centre: Sexual Violence Support

Our Mandate

SAFFRON Centre’s mandate is to provide counselling services to persons who have suffered from sexual assault, abuse and sexual violence, as well as those person who have been affected by sexual assault (e.g. support persons, family members, etc., of someone who has experienced sexual assault) and also to provide proactive education regarding sexual assault, abuse and sexual violence to all individuals and to change attitudes, beliefs and myths surrounding sexual assault.

Our Mission

Working to support the healing and empowerment of those who have been affected by sexual assault, abuse and sexual violence; and to promote change in attitudes, beliefs and social norms.

Our Vision

Healthy children, healthy families, healthy communities; working together to create a society free from the negative effects of sexual assault, abuse and sexual violence.

To contact the Board or the Executive, please e-mail us at info@saffroncentre.com or call our main office line at 780-449-0900

Our Counselling

Seeds of Healing Therapy

Effective therapy looks not only at the surface of the problem, but the underlying individual, intrapersonal, familial, social, and cultural issues. We work at providing outstanding service and care to victims of:

  • Recent or historical sexual assault, and sexual abuse
  • Sexual violence, including sexual exploitation
  • Recent or historical childhood sexual assault, and/or abuse
  • PTSD as a result of sexual trauma

These services are also provided to caregivers and supporters of sexual assault, sexual abuse or sexual violence.

Support for Victims of Crime

Information and assistance available for applying for Financial Benefits and Restitution and writing Victim Impact Statements. Court Preparation and Court Accompaniment also available.



We appreciate the hard work and dedication that our volunteers contribute to our centre and would like to extend an invitation to you to join us! https://form.jotform.com/62087452660255

Board Members

Chair: Mike Shellenberg

Vice Chair: Dave Anderson

Executive Director: Katie Kitschke

Secretary: Susan Mihalievitch

Treasurer: Roxane Tiessen

Directors: Ted Halabi, Brett Dermott