Community Professional Development

Our Professional Development Workshops provide education and responding skills for parents, college students, professionals, and special interest groups. These workshops can be adapted to your needs and run anywhere from 1 hour to a full day.


“Cyberworld” – An internet awareness presentation for adults to bring them up to speed on what’s happening in the online world.  We cover the pros and cons of the most popular social media apps, the importance of privacy settings, parental control options, online bullying, sexting, and more.  We also spend time discussing teen brain development and how this influences their online decisions.  This presentation can be done in an hour, but discussion usually takes it closer to two hours.


“How to Talk to Your Children About Sex”  – This workshop can be modified to be from 1.5 hours long to 3 hours long and equips parents with the background knowledge they need to have “the talk” with their kids as they mature from tweens to teens. If you just can’t bring yourself to talk about sex and sexuality and healthy relationships with your kids, then this is the workshop for you! We have lots of tips to make these important conversations flow.


“It’s Not Your Fault” – This workshop can be given in 1.5 or 3 hours.  With more time comes more time to practice scenarios and use our new responding skills. This workshop defines sexual assault and abuse, debunks myths, and discusses the long-term impacts of sexual assault and abuse.  The workshop concludes with instruction and practice of responding skills in order to equip participants to listen to and reply to disclosures in a manner that will encourage healing.  An informative and eye opening workshop for everyone!


“Was That a Yes?” – There has been a lot of talk about consent lately, and this workshop discusses exactly what consent is and is not.  We’ll spend time on the topic of boundaries and respect and then link it all to consent.  This workshop is helpful to anyone who deals with teens and young adults, wants to improve healthy decision making and healthy relationship practices, as well anyone who wants to make a stand against sexual assault in our communities.


“Sexual Harassment 101” – This 1.5 hour workshop defines sexual harassment and examines our reactions to it in different situations. Lines are drawn between joking/flirting and harassment.  Many of us respond differently to harassment depending on how we were brought up, how we have been “coached” by others, and by media influences.  The goal of this workshop is to uncover the impacts of sexual harassment on individuals and society and to equip participants to stand against it and respond in ways that will work to eliminate harassment from the workplace and our communities.


“Sexual Assault” – This presentation targets Junior High and High school students. Understanding the impacts of sexual assault along with how to support victims of sexual assault prepares students for the reality of sexual violence. Providing examples, statistics, and resources allows teens to think critically about their behavior and the behavior of others. This presentation equips youth to become advocates for themselves and their peers as sexual assault remains prominent in our society.


“Bodies and Boundaries” – This presentation can be offered to Kindergarten to Grade 5 with age appropriate information. We teach children that private parts are private, how to stay safe, and what to do if someone touches them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. The most important aspect of this program is teaching children that it is not their fault if a bad touch happens. By providing this information from a young age we hope to prevent the occurrence of sexual assault with youth.