Seeds of Healing Counselling Program

Our counselling services are provided on a sliding fee scale based on your income and workplace health care benefits. We don’t have a maximum number of sessions, you are able to receive support for as long as you need. We do not require a referral, you are able to refer yourself for our services.

One-on-One Therapy

SAFFRON Centre provides therapeutic one-to-one and group services to victims of trauma, abuse and sexual violence.

Play Therapy

In play therapy, a child is able to express or “play out” their feelings and problems just as an adult does in talk therapy.

Art Therapy

Art therapy involves the use of creative techniques to help people express themselves artistically and examine the psychological and emotional undertones in their art.

Group Therapy

At SAFFRON, we have a few types of group therapies. There are many benefits to group therapy including it helps members find their voice, members take turns giving and receiving support, helps reduce isolation and improves confidence.

Booking an Appointment

When you are ready to book an appointment with one of our counsellors, you can call our office at 780-449-0900 to begin the two part intake process.

The first is your initial phone call which will take 5 minutes. We will ask for your basic contact information and to confirm that you are seeking support for a sexual violence related incident(s). At this time, we will schedule your second intake with our intake worker.

The second part of our intake process is a 30 minute phone assessment, our intake worker will call you at the time of your scheduled intake appointment. In this conversation you will be asked to share (whatever you’re comfortable with) about your experience. This will allow us to pair you with the best therapist for you and your personal needs. Afterwards, you will be assigned a counsellor and will be placed on our waitlist. Once your therapist is available, we will contact you and schedule your first appointment.

Once you have seen your therapist for the first time, you are then able to contact us to book your appointments.

If you have come to SAFFRON Centre in the past and are wanting to continue receiving support, you may call our office to reopen your file and begin counselling again. Depending on the amount of time that has passed, you may be asked to complete another intake to reassess your needs.

You can complete the online contact form to get our intake worker to contact you. Please specify if we are able to leave a voicemail

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