Elementary School Presentations

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Elementary School Presentations

  • Appropriate for Grades K-6
  • Age appropriate information, stories, slides, and videos
  • Small and large group formats available
  • K-3 Presentations – 30-40mins in length
  • Gr 4-6 Presentations – 1hr-1.5 hr in length


BoundariesMy Personal Bubble – Grades K-4

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My Personal Bubble is a wonderful way to introduce the concept of boundaries to younger students.  Strengthened with examples, stories, and videos, students will be able to define the word boundary and will understand the difference between physical and emotional boundaries.  They will learn to set boundaries for themselves, to identify the boundaries of their friends, as well as to express themselves when a boundary has been crossed.  Finally, students will be introduced to one last boundary called the PANTS rule: privates are private, always remember your body is yours, No means No, talk about secrets that upset you, and speak up and ask for help.



My Boundaries – Grades 5&6


My Boundaries is a 1 hour presentation for upper elementary students with the same core concepts as My Personal Bubble, such as physical and emotional boundaries, but geared towards the relationships and pressures students face as they enter puberty and prepare for junior high school. Age appropriate stories and videos, along with the PANTS rules are delivered in a hip and relevant power point designed specifically for tweens.


What Happens When I Press SEND?  Internet Safety Tips – Grades 1-3, 4-6

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Our Internet Safety presentations for elementary students are designed to teach safety tips for kids as they navigate online. Students will be shown how to use privacy settings, turn off location settings, and manage friends and followers in order to protect their information while managing social media sites, posting videos, or playing online games. They will be challenged to have healthy boundaries in online interactions, to post carefully, and to respect self and others.  They will be encouraged to involve parents and guardians in their online activities so as to have accountability and help when situations are inappropriate or difficult.  Cyber-bullying is defined and students will learn what to do when they encounter instances of bullying online.

There are age appropriate versions of this presentation for Grades K-3 (40 mins) and Grades 4-6. (1- 1.5hr)


Bullying – “Can We Stop It?” Grades 1-3, 4-6

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Bullying – Can We Stop It? This is a big question! The goal of this presentation is to develop a better understanding of bullying as a process and to equip bystanders, bullies, and teachers to put a stop to bullying once and for all. Students learn to identify red flags that indicate different types of bullying. They are equipped with tools and words to use when bullying happens and encouraged to involve the adults around them. This is an eye opening presentation designed to inspire Upstanders to support those being bullied and quietly and respectfully work together to stop bullying in its tracks.  A discussion about the impacts of bullying along with stories and video clips, teach empathy and equip Upstanders with the skills and attitudes necessary to make changes. Tons of info to encourage students and staff to work together to build school environments free from bullying! There are age appropriate versions of this presentation for Grades K-3 and Grades 4-6.


Jeopardy Game!  Gr 4-6


Just like the TV version, Saffron brings you Jeopardy – an interactive game to teach and review information relating to Internet Safety, Boundaries, and Bullying.  It’s a fun, energetic, and slightly crazy way to learn about one of these topics or a combination of all three!!  Get your game on, let’s play Jeopardy! Works best with smaller groups of elementary students.



NOTE:  Although we do offer Internet Safety Presentations for all elementary ages, it is strongly recommended that their parents regulate their children’s internet activities. A take home review sheet will be provided to each student that will encourage conversation with parents about the lessons learned. To further help parents understand internet behavioral trends, social media trends, and on-line bullying issues, we offer a presentation just for Parents called Cyber-world – Internet Awareness For Parents.