Elementary School Presentations

All of our presentations are designed with child development in mind. We strive to explain concepts in simplified ways by using stories, videos & interactive elements to engage all learners. The presentation time ranges from 30 – 90 minutes based on the age, group size, & topic. 


This presentation was created for K-Gr 3 students to learn about boundaries. We define what a boundary is, how to express our boundaries & how to listen for boundaries while using age-appropriate language.

Bullying: Can We Stop It?

This presentation explains the bullying process & get an understanding of its impacts. We discuss how to become an Upstander & support those being bullied in our schools & community. This presentation is available for K-Gr 3 & Gr 4-6 catered to the children's development.

Internet Safety: What Happens When I Press Send?

This presentation is available for K-Gr 3 & Gr 4-6. We talk about why we need to be safe on the internet, easy steps to remain safe online, & how to use privacy settings to keep our personal information protected.

Jeopardy Game

Just like the TV show! This interactive game teaches & reviews information relating to Internet Safety, Boundaries, & Bullying. Works best with smaller groups or classroom size groups.

Cliques & Clans: What Does It Mean To Be Popular?

This brand new presentation is available for Gr 6 students! Students learn what to expect during the transition into junior high. We discuss how friendships might change, how to navigate through the social hierarchy and to identify personal boundaries.

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