Junior & Senior High School Presentations

We introduce alternative perspectives that youth often don’t think about. We keep our presentations updated with the current trends & with relevant stories to keep the youth engaged & interested. Some of these topics can be difficult for some students & we respect that. We make sure everyone feels comfortable & is able to learn in a safe environment. These presentations range anywhere from 50 – 90 minutes based on your specific classroom needs.  


This recently updated presentation dives into some difficult topics associated with self-image. We explore what influences the way we see ourselves & ways we can bring up our self-esteem. We discuss eating disorders, depression & self-harming as youth are very aware of these topics already. We emphasize that there is help out there & they aren't alone with these feelings.

What Happens When You Press Send?: Internet Safety

We deliver safety tips through real life examples emphasizing responsibility & respect when it comes to the online world. We discuss privacy settings, turning off location settings & the importance of managing follower requests. We define sexting & pornography, explain risks involved, consequences & how to get help. We explore the process of cyberbullying & strategies to support victims.

Healthy Relationships

This presentation makes students think about what qualities they NEED in relationships. We discuss the importance of boundaries & assertiveness especially in new budding relationships. The topics of consent, sexting & sexual harassment are also explored.

Bullying: Can We Stop It?

Students develop an understanding of bullying, both online & offline. We define the various types of bullying & different roles involved. We emphasize the Upstander role & teach students how we can stop bullying while supporting their friends. We discuss empathy & the impacts that bullying has on individuals.

Online Addiction

This presentation explores what is considered to be an online 'addiction'. We discuss how the impacts contribute to academics, relationships, sleep patterns, anxiety & overall well-being. We go over some tips & tricks to cope with online addiction & teach about the importance of downtime.

Sexual Assault

Students learn what exact constitutes as sexual assault & debunk some popular culture myth that surround sexual violence. We discuss short-term & long-term impacts for a survivor of sexual violence. The clearly define consent & examine date rapy drug situations. Students learn how to handle a disclosure of sexual assault & about community resources available.

Sexual Harassment

This presentation reviews personal boundaries & explains how crossing the line could result in sexual harassment. We discuss the difference between flirting & harassment while learning about the impacts. Students learn how to put an end to sexual harassment & policies/legalities that are in place.


Students learn about the risks involved in sexting. We discuss the foundations of healthy relationships & why youth might feel inclined to send pictures. We explain the legalities involved, long-term consequences & easy ways to say no.

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