2015 poster


Focus on :

  • Healthy relationships
  • Boundaries
  • Dating safety
  • Friendships
  • Self-esteem

It is said that ONYX is the stone of endurance and guides positive decision making in challenging times. This reflects the goals of the ONYX program: to empower young women to learn how to be assertive and set healthy relationship boundaries as they are bombarded daily with mixed messages through media, music, and print.

SAFFRON staff are aware of the need for pro-active services in the community to address the vulnerability of today’s youth, and the challenges they face in present society when dealing with issues of sexual violence. By creating strong, independent, and empowered young women, they will be better able to withstand negative influences of sexual connotations and learn the skills necessary to make positive decisions for themselves and their future.

Starting October 2015, contact lindsey@saffroncentre.com or call 780 449 0900