Play Therapy

In play therapy, a child is able to express or “play out” their feelings and problems just as an adult does in talk therapy.  However, children may not have the words to describe what they are feeling or processing, so instead they choose objects, symbols, or types of play to express their difficulties and worries and work through particular problems. The therapists at SAFFRON are trained to observe and facilitate the therapy process. The main goal is to help a child regain their former level of functioning, enhance self-esteem, and build the child’s coping resources.


SAFFRON has been fortunate enough to have generous individuals and companies in the community donate time, funding, talent, materials, toys, and labor to create a beautiful play therapy room, full of playful, active, and imaginative elements specifically dedicated to the most vulnerable members of our community.

  • Creative Visualisation
  • Drama
  • Puppets & Masks
  • Music
  • Dance & Movement
  • Sandplay
  • Clay, Plasticine or Playdough
  • Art - Painting & Drawing
  • Therapeutic Storytelling
  • Mindfulness - Meditation & Breathing
  • Games

NOTE: In order for a child to be able to participate in our play therapy program, the incident bringing them to therapy must have been reported to the proper authorities (Police/RCMP and/or Children’s Services).  SAFFRON does not accept children to help them make a disclosure, but rather to help them integrate (understand and heal from) the experience after a disclosure has already been made.  This policy is to protect your child in the event of a trial or other proceedings. 

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