Presentations for Parents and/or Professionals

in partnership with SOS Safety Magazine


How to Talk to Your Kids-Bodies and Boundaries

This presentation provides parents of Elementary age students with the skills and knowledge to have discussions around bodies and private parts. By supporting parents of young children to have these discussions earlier we hope to decrease the stigma associated with sexual assault and create an environment that allows children to feel comfortable when addressing the occurrences of sexual assault.

Cyber World: What Happens When YOUTH Press Send

This presentation focuses on what the Internet is and how it can be used. We discuss why we need to teach and talk about internet safety and having boundaries online. We look at how youth and children are being sexually exploited and lured online as well as discuss Cyberbullying, Cell Phones and Online Gaming and their places in the cyber world.

It’s Not Sex, It’s Popularity

(Full Day Workshop)

This workshop is broken down to three components: Its Not Sex, Its Popularity, Sexual Disconnect and Consequences and Accountability. In the first component, we look at how popularity is defined in today’s culture, and how youth are using technology to define themselves. We discuss why they are making some of the choices they are and where their ideas are coming from as well as how to talk to them in a way that they will listen to and learn from.

In the second component, The Sexual Disconnect: We look at how society has become more and more sexual and the impact that has on youth. We need to be more aware of what they are being exposed to and what that can mean to their sexual development and the choices they make.

Lastly, in Consequences and Accountability we discuss the short and long term effects and issues that can result from uneducated and unsupervised internet usage. We learn why communication with children and youth is so vitally important to help them navigate the cyberworld. This training is 6 hours and is $45/participant. Certificate provided.

Alberta First Responder Training

(Two Day Workshop)

In this Alberta Association of Sexual Assault Services created provincial program, participants will learn what sexual assault, abuse, and sexual exploitation is, and how to respond to and report on disclosures of sexual assault from adults and/or children. Key messages and role playing is used to help us learn how to make a positive difference in someone’s life.

We also spend a great deal of time discussing how to provide personal care for yourself following a disclosure and dispelling myths about prevention. This training is 14 hours over two days and $150/participant. Certificate provided.

Online Dating 101

Are you considering online dating? In this presentation, we will discuss many common websites and look at the pros and cons of looking for love in this way. We look at the issues with online safety and meeting people this way and also look at the future consequences and issues that can arise from this type of activity. We also look at some of the negative issues that people may experiences such as identity theft, blackmail and more.

Sexual Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace:

In this presentation we define what could be considered Sexual Harassment and Bullying in a workplace. We will look at the tolerance that is sometimes created for this type of behavior and discuss how to change the atmosphere in a workplace. We discuss the importance of respect and reporting and supporting others in this type of situation.