Public Education Program

Every year our Public Education Team speaks to over 25 000 students! 


Our mission is to combat sexual violence by teaching strategies on how to create, implement and, ultimately, respect boundaries in every aspect of our lives. We provide information to students to allow them to make informed decisions and think about how these actions will impact their future selves. 


Please contact us for pricing as it does range based on quantity of presentations, number of students & mileage costs.

Elementary School

We facilitate presentations for elementary aged children. We explain concepts using age-appropriate language, stories, and videos to keep each student engaged.

Junior & Senior High School

We have each presentation designed to engage youth in normally difficult conversations. We use multiple techniques including storytelling, videos, group participation and more.

Parent & Caregiver

Never stop learning! These presentations are to give caregivers some more knowledge on what our children are doing and how they are interacting with each other.

Community & Workplace

These presentations are to spread awareness to community members and employees about important thought-provoking topics.

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