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There was a lot of news regarding sexual assault in July after 35 women stood together to be featured in a New York magazine issue. These women have identified themselves as victims of sexual assault at the hands of a famous comedian. To some it may appear that these women just appeared from nowhere. However these women have been reporting the assaults to authorities since 2005. It took until now for everyone to take notice. Navigating the judicial system is often very difficult and the accused may not be convicted. This is one of the reasons many victims choose not to report their assault. What are some of the other reasons that victims choose not to report a sexual assault?


  • The perpetrator stopped before finishing the assault.
  • The victim knows the perpetrator.
  • The victim was/is in a relationship with the perpetrator.
  • The victim has no visible physical injuries.
  • The victim is worried the police won’t believe them.
  • The child/teen victim is worried about getting in trouble.


It is a very personal decision whether or not a victim reports the assault, however the above reasons should not stop someone from receiving medical attention and/or reporting assault. Even attempted assault is a serious crime. There is no excuse for sexual assault and, no matter who the perpetrator is, it is against the law. It’s never the victim’s fault. Follow this link to the Saffron Centre’s ‘Get Help’ page to learn more about the options a victim has.