Welcome to Saffron Centre’s Public Education Blog.  Why a blog? Because we know our stuff and we want parents to be equipped to talk to their kids about things that matter to their personal development.  There are times, however, that even the most well intentioned parents don’t know how to start a certain conversation, don’t feel knowledgeable enough on certain topics, don’t know what’s going in in the world of their child, can’t make it our to a parent presentations, or just don’t know what they don’t know.  We live in a fast paced world and it’s hard to keep up.


Our public educators spend almost all day every day in the classrooms teaching on topics like Internet Safety, Bullying, Healthy Relationships, Personal Boundaries, Harassment, Assault, and Self Image. We see things. We hear things. We have opportunities to ask questions and tease out honest answers. We have an inside track to what’s trending in the schools and on social media, and witness how our society’s rapidly changing values and media are impacting our kids and their decisions.


Some days we come home and say, “I wish parents would talk to their kids more about this!”  Or “I’m not sure parents know this is happening.”


This blog exists to talk more about issues we see cropping up.  We want to provide you with information so that you are an “askable” parent – kids won’t come to you if they don’t think you know anything about what they’re going through. We want to provide you with questions that will spark conversations and give you insight to what your kids are thinking and doing and where they might need limits to keep them safe. We want to encourage you to keep talking and listening to your kids. Mostly, we want kids to grow up to be healthy individuals who have respect for self and others and we want to help parents nurture their children to be everything they were born to be.  Check back soon!!


Julie Parr


For more information on how to be an Askable Parent, click here http://www.fseap.bc.ca/files/E048_Becoming_Askable_Parent-FSEAP.pdf